Thursday, 15 May 2014

Get Set, GO!!!!


This week we have had some fun learning about balance!

Katie from the Get Set, Go programme taught us all about balance and what we have to do to balance our bodies.


Here are some pictures of Room 4 children balancing.

After learning to balance using our hands and arms to support us we played follow the leader!



We then played an exciting game with frogs and flies. The frogs had to jump over and onto the Lilly pads and the flies had to fly around. The frogs also had to catch the flies!!!
Finally we got to play one last game, the Pirate game! Some of us got to use swords to chop off our classmates legs! Then the person with the chopped off leg had to balance on one leg!

We really enjoyed our session with Katie and cannot wait to see her again next Thursday!


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