Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Constable Tainas visit to SPS

On Monday Constable Taina came to visit the Kowhai cluster.

Taina talked to us about being good citizens.


Ben says 'Constable Taina told us to name all of our property'.

Blake says 'Constable Taina said we should all have a role model' - Somebody to look up to like your teacher.


Nadia says 'Taina told us to respect others'.

Mason says 'Taina told us that good citizens tell the truth'.

We really enjoyed having Constable Taina at our school and helping us to learn about being a good citizen.

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  1. How neat to have Constable Taina come into school and teach you about what makes a good citizen! I really like her advice, especially the one about naming your property- that way if something you own gets lost it can be returned to you.