Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Last week Room 9 got to start their first lot of swimming lessons.

A lot of us have been learning about water confidence and are really starting to get used to splashing around in the water.

First we had to enter the pool safely

Judah entering the pool with the help of Miss Savidan

Room 9 entering the pool down the ladder and straight into the Monkey Crawl

Then we did a monkey crawl around the edge of the pool.

Judah and Georgia doing the Monkey Crawl

Estelle having lots of fun doing the Monkey Crawl

Ahmed being a cheeky monkey :)

What happened to Korey saying he was scared of the water??? He is having a blast!!

Ka is really enjoying being a monkey!

Then we blew some bubbles!!!

Georgia and Dakota, so confident in the water blowing bubbles!

Lucia is also showing she is not afraid to get wet!

We had some wonderful senior helpers making sure we were safe in the water.

Well done Taine you did so well to get into the water!

All and all we had a lovely week swimming and gaining more confidence in the pool. We cannot wait to get back into the pool in week 7!

Stay tuned for more swimming pictures to come!

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