Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Art with Whaea Dagmar

Term 3, Week 3.......

This week and last week Room 9 has been lucky enough to work with Room 1 and Whaea Dagmar on some EXCITING self portraits!

As we are learning about 'change' this term we have started to create self portraits that are inspired by the late 'Pablo Picasso'. Picasso is famous for cubism and using a range of shapes and objects in his illustrations.

First Whaea Dagmar read us a story about emotions.

Then Room 9 started off their portraits by drawing their face, then adding detail e.g. eyes, mouth, nose etc.

Drawing self portraits!

We then started to look at Picasso's work and talked about what shapes he uses in his portraits.

Whaea Dagmar telling Room 9 and Room 1 about Picasso
We then got to use 5 different shapes to draw parts of our face.

Tukia, Zion, Judah, Ray, Georgia and Estelle drawing on their shapes

Lucia creating her masterpiece

Ahmed concentrating very hard

Netane deciding what to put on his shapes

Ray working hard on his self portrait
Look at Room 9's fantastic artists!

Estelle making lines and patterns on her portrait

We stuck the shapes onto our page and then drew lines and patterns in our oval shape.

Finally Whaea Dagmar blew up our pictures and we used a range of pastels to colour in our masterpieces.

Georgia using lots of bright colours to colour in her lines and shapes

Sunia is having lots of fun with his creation!
Thank you Whaea Dagmar for helping us with our amazing pieces of artwork, we really enjoyed having you in our class and hope to see you soon!

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