Saturday, 23 May 2015


In Room 1 we have been learning about measurement.

We talked about who had the longest worm and who had the shortest worm.

We came up with some other words to describe our worms: fat, skinny, long, short, wide, tall.

We have also been measuring animals with string.

We measured the length of the animals.

We had to make sure the knot was on the nose and the rest of the string went all the way to the end of the tail.

We measured the width of the table. Aldrich is trying to count up all the teddies to see how many he had to use.

Before we even started our tasks we guessed (estimated) how many teddies or blocks we would use.

We measured the length of the table using blocks. 

Jayshal is counting the blocks. There were 97 so he needed some help from his teacher to count all the way up to 97.

We have really enjoyed learning about measurement.

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