Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Making Anzac Biscuits

On Wednesday Room 1 made Anzac Biscuits.

Mohammad-Sadiq is putting the flour in the bowl.

Tevita is putting coconut into the bowl.

Nikita is pouring the sugar into the bowl.

Joseph is pouring the oats into the bowl.

Tamatea is scooping the golden syrup into the butter.

Jayshal is putting the baking soda into the hot water.

Giani is pouring the hot water and baking soda into the bowl.

Aiden is pouring the hot butter into the bowl.

Hussam is mixing everything together.

Tominika is pressing two fingers into the biscuit.

Aldrich is pressing two fingers into the biscuit.

Giani is enjoying his biscuit.

We loved eating our Anzac biscuits with milk.

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